DEEPWHITESOUND is an international online label
featuring primarily experimental musical projects of an assorted collection of genres. deepwhitesound supports the free exchange of music, art and ideas. As such, all music is offered without charge as full-release, high bitrate mp3 downloads. deepwhitesound also supports the unlimited, full vision of artists and musicians - all work here is offered exactly as the creator(s) intended or approved in terms of download content and representation.

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Most Recent Releases 

DWS143: New Fast – New Fast VI

Using salvaged cassettes and samples from decades old hip-hop, funk and r&b as a palette, San Francisco-based New Fast distorts, stretches and blends his sound into compositions that feel heavy and viscous with a deep, layered blur. Stuck grooves curl in phase mutations, narcotic beats form from an arrhythmic evolution, sudden halts and stylistic flips comprise the purposefully disorienting world of flat and glossy ambient cycles depicted on this release.

DWS142: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Year of the Horse

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt employs his signature “accidental guitar” method on another release of haunting, sonically jarring loops. At times cavernous and resonant as a cathedral, his recordings explore the depths of the drone, exploiting glitches and mutating overtones into chorus-like swells, mechanical revolutions and washes of beaded static. These five meditations upon cyclical time and the ubiquity of the elements seek to elevate our natural world to pure and infinite tonality, soaring above us like mass aural hallucinations.

DWS141: Sherman Ho – Erioplke orary ellerk, gruwlly?

The modified / prepared guitar provides the impetus for this album of minimalist, atonal improvisations. Pluck and scrape of raw string, truncated phrases, lost chords comprise this work of broken folk from Hong Kong instrumentalist Sherman Ho.

DWS140: Taijeery – Baby Fat

Carnival of latency errors, drops and glitch-outs. MIDI damage in the 21st century / bad gamer noise. These tracks bounce with digital elasticity, override warbles and a circuit-bent sense of humor.

DWS139: TAHNZZ – Born In Space EP

“The sounds and images collected here represent a time and place that no longer exists. Santa Rita is part of my family history–its environmental, economic, and social history. It’s a place that faded away until it finally vanished. Few artifacts endure; they remain born in space.”