DEEPWHITESOUND is a not-for-profit organization and international online label
featuring multi- and inter-disciplinary sound art, experimental music and composition. deepwhitesound supports the free exchange of art and ideas. As such, all work is offered without charge as full-release, artist-constructed digital downloads covered by the Creative Commons license. deepwhitesound also supports the unlimited, full vision of artists and creatives - all work here is offered exactly as the creator(s) intended or approved in terms of download content and representation.

Support independent, collaborative and free art.

Most Recent Releases 

DWS147: Luke Phillips – Static Sunsets

Static Sunsets is aural ascension, iridescent orbs blown from nets of chunky digital malfunction and bit-warped transmissions. the translation is ontological – psychedelia that only has a sound because it must. cued from IDM missteps, bad telephones and video malign, this release follows some path usually reserved for alien games and horror film rewrites, but ends up somewhere alone, private, and typing a letter to itself before it oscillates right out. Originally self-released in CD-R format with handsewn packaging + 8 pg booklet. Re-released on DWS.

DWS146: Stephen Emmerson – Witchcraft

“Witchcraft is a response to notions of evil in western culture, and how it has been assimilated into the mainstream through tv shows, artwork, novels, and films. It features violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar. Each part has been time stretched and layered with effects until the whole thing sounds like the devils orchestra playing rhapsodies in a sewer.”

DWS145: their teeth to points – but i do know that the door was shut behind them

“but i do know that the door was shut behind them is a haunting soundscape; a dark textural drone that shifts and gradually evolves throughout the one hour runtime.  This album consists of a single track and was constructed by stretching and manipulating the earliest known recording a human voice, a distorted 10 second clip of the French inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville singing Au Clair de la Lune, which was recorded in 1860.  but i do know that the door was shut behind them is part conceptual sound art project, part dark ambient / noise soundscape.”

DWS144: {An} EeL – Night Eel Legumes ( Source of the Ghost Pepper Beans )

Solo vocal / noise / improvisational vehicle of noise-wig-maker Neal D. Retke, presenting a collection of recordings culled from online repositories and deep sonic sanctuaries. Ranging from electro-acoustic compositions to spastic, multi-tracked tone poems cut with a liberal dose of absurdist humor, cartoon outlines and psychedelic dissociation.

DWS143: New Fast – New Fast VI

Using salvaged cassettes and samples from decades old hip-hop, funk and r&b as a palette, San Francisco-based New Fast distorts, stretches and blends his sound into compositions that feel heavy and viscous with a deep, layered blur. Stuck grooves curl in phase mutations, narcotic beats form from an arrhythmic evolution, sudden halts and stylistic flips comprise the purposefully disorienting world of flat and glossy ambient cycles depicted on this release.